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Airflo Super Dri Xceed Fly Line

Airflo Super Dri Xceed Fly Line


Today’s fast action rods require a little extra weight to load properly with most fly lines.


With its all-purpose taper, the SuperFlo XCEED covers a wide range of freshwater fisheries.  Its condensed rear taper helps generate more line speed to help in windy conditions.


Available in 4wt to 6wt, the SuperFlo XCEED will get you fishing in just about any type of freshwater fishery.


Inventory is low and fulfillment sometimes delayed due to COVID.

Finish: Orange

Climate Control - Ultra Supple

Our Ultra Supple coating represents a major breakthrough in fly line performance.  The low modules coating maintains its suppleness even in extreme cold conditions.  Thus helping to maintain needle-sharp loops and minimal line memory even on the coldest days. 

Power Core

You’ll be more impressed with the lines of incredible suppleness and handling performance even in the harshest of conditions. With only 6% stretch, our Power Core braid improves casting control, sensitivity and hook set.


Airflo is the only company that extrudes Polyurethane as a super tough coating on our fly line. With the inclusion of our new “FLO” technology, we are now able to produce a line that has running lines slimmer in diameter than previous technologies, without any of the durability issues associated with PVC. The end result is a fly line that is supercharged throughout the entire line. Helping it glide through the guides with minimal friction. Superflo lines have all the handling attributes and durability of the best fly line in the world!

Ridge Tech

The concept is simplicity itself. Our unique ridged design reduces the lines surface area in contact with the rod guides. Consequently, friction levels are vastly improved when compared to other lines on the market. Our ridges are also incredibly tough for long term durability.

100% PVC Free

The original “PVC Free” Polymer-coated fly lines, we at Airflo utilize solvent-free Polyurethane as the base material in all our fly lines. When we originally researched our coating technology over 20 years ago, we wanted the best possible fly line material available. A coating that would be stronger than our competitors, could resist DEET and ultimately fight off the long term effects of UV. Polyurethane provided us with this and much, much more. 

Micro Loop

The ability to fuse Polyurethane post-production led to the development of Micro Loops. Showing no visible signs of a step-down, Micro loops blend into the mainline giving smooth transition to your leader and protect your fly line from the effects of capillary action. 

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